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Sunday, 5 July 2020

July 05, 2020

How to fill a money order?

How to fill A money order?

1. Fill in the recipient’s name :

Write the name of the person or business which will receive the cash order on the road that starts with “Pay to the Order Of.”

The recipient are going to be the sole person or company authorized to deposit or cash the cash order. It’s a good idea to fill out this section as soon as possible to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, and make sure to spell the name correctly so your recipient will haven't any problem cashing it.

2. Write your address in the purchaser section :

You’re the purchaser, so your information goes during this section. You’ll want the recipient to understand the way to contact you if there are questions or issues with the payment. Sometimes your full name is also required.

3. Include your account number if you’re paying a bill :

Some money orders have a “payment for/account number” field. Filling it out helps confirm your account is credited for the payment.

4. Sign rock bottom where it says ‘purchaser’s signature’ :

Your signature is vital here, because it makes the cash order official. Don’t sign the back. That area is for the person who receives it.

5. Keep your receipt: 

This is your proof of payment. Store your receipt during a safe place, just in case there’s a drag later.

When you skills to try to to a postal order correctly, you've got an honest option for transferring money. Unlike writing a check from a private checking account or delivering cash, a postal order gives you proof of payment and assures the recipient that the funds are guaranteed.

So in this way you can fill your money order Very easily. 
July 05, 2020

Why not put property in a trust?

 Why not to put in a trust?

Hi. Shyam here. I want to talk to you for two seconds about living revocable trusts we've talked about that a lot in a lot of other site but this one I want to talk about what NOT  to put into your living revocable trust. There are things that don't gointo a little revocable trust. 
For example an IRA is unique to you you have to own that IRA it can't go in the trust you could maybe make the beneficiary ofthe IRA the trust but you would never make the owner of the IRA the trust. You're the owner. You have to be the owner. You're the only one that can set up an IRA. Beneficiary, trust? Making the trust the beneficiary of the IRA now you would do that in the IRA document not in the trust that's a whole another discussion on another YouTube but you can yes and no. You're not going to put any of the ERISA the Employee Retirement Income Security Act stuff that's your 401k you will be the owner of the 401k and actually the 401k and the IRA areboth trusts. So you name a beneficiary you have a trustee and so we won't make the owner of your 401k or your SEP or whatever it is or your formal 3B or whatever you won't make your living revocable trust the owner. 

That's a contract basically between you and the company providing the service the "trusteeship" of the retirement plan or the benefit plan. Now you will name beneficiaries for your 401k or SEP or whatever it is those are normally going to be the children or the spouse first and then the children you could have a living revocable trust act as the beneficiary for the children now I like I said that's another story but you will not put that stuff into the IRA or excuse me into the trust. You'll put things that you sign for that aren't actually already a trust. Other things you don't have to put into a trust you could mention them but you certainly don't have to put them into the trust and that is anything that you can transfer and not have to have a written signature in order to make that transfer. I tell people if you can take it out on the front lawn and sell it at a yard sale and not  have to sign for it, you don't have to put it in the trust. Or if your neighbor can break into the house and get that thing that asset and then sell it without your signature you don't need to put it into the living revocable trust now they can't break into your garage take your car and sell it without your signature your signature has to go on the title in order to transfer the title. They can't break in and get into the bank account because your signature is on it. They can't sell your piece of real property your signature's on it. 

Those are the things that you DO put into a trust. So basically the only things that you're not going to be putting into a trust are things that don't require your signature and they could be mentioned in theliving revocable trust particularly if  you have a schedule that allows you to distribute personal items that would be attached to the back of the trust and that's the way you avoid the family fight but you could mention specificthings that don't have to have your signature but you don't need to mention those--there's no probate on them and what we're doing is avoiding probate there isn't any probate on the 401ks or the IRAs either because you've named beneficiaries and their unique to you you have to be the owner of the IRA like I said. 

So other than the retirement plans and stuff that doesn't require your signature there aren't a lot of things that you wouldn't--not--put into your living revocable trust. This is shyam talking about things you . 

DON'Tput into your living revocable trust 
July 05, 2020

Why would you put your house in trust?

 Why would you put your house in trust? 

Hi shyam here. I want to talk to you for a minute about putting property into a trust living revocable trusts everybody I think should actually probably have one if you've got property. 

However, they fail in most families because the lawyer doesn't teach themhow to fund the trust. The trust has to own stuff the stocks, the bonds, the bank accounts, the brokerage accounts, the real property How do you get the real property into the trust? well you're gonna have to deed it that's the only way that you transfer a property real property is through a deed. So we're gonna make out a deed from you I assume it's in your name now if it's in your LLC or something you're not gonna put it into the trust just the stuff that's in your name. So you're gonna make out a deed going from you as the grantor to the trust and the trust is then going to be the owner. 

A couple of three or four things we've got to talk about. First of all what kind of a deed do you use? You can use a quitclaim deed in this situation if you're moving property to an LLC from you to an LLC or something then you should be using a warranty deed because you want the warranties that are associated with prior deed and the property to go along with the transfer. In this case though basically all we're doing is we're taking the piece of property from one of your pockets and putting it into the other pocket you technically still own it. Well, technically you don't own it legally you don't, the trust does but for all practical reasons, you own it. The courts say you still own it the IRS says you still own it everybody says you still own it kind of. So a quitclaim deed moving it from one of your pockets to the other pocket will work. The warranties are still with you because we didn't change you. 

So most attorneys use a quitclaim deed when they transfer property from you to the living revocable trust. By the way a quitclaim deed means you quit claiming any interest that you have in the property and you give that interest whatever it is to the person that the deed goes to the grantee. So we're going to use a quitclaim deed probably it goes from you to the trust on the trust you have to have three parts to the name of the trust and I've told you this lots of times you have to have the name of the trust and that could be your name the John Doe Living Revocable Trust which would be abbreviated John Doe Trust but in this case use the whole name the John Doe Living Revocable Ttrust Under Agreement or Dated such-and-such a date and then the name of the trustee John Doe, Trustee So you're gonna be the guy who gives it up and you're gonna be the guy who takes it as the trustee. 

Technically the title is held in the name of the trustee and I get one or twocases a year where the attorney or the title company or whoever forgot the date on the trust or they forgot that trustee's name. So you've got to have all three of those elements name, date, trustee and you've got to have the property description and you've got to have your name as the Grantor. Your name has to be exact on that quick claim deed exactly the way it is on the deed as it is now as you own it now If it's John L. Doe then it needs to be "John L. Doe" onthe quictclaim deed. if it's John Doe on the original deed and you put John L. Doe that ain't going to work, that isn't exactly the same. The names have got to be the same. The property description's got to be the same in the name of the trust once you've got those you're pretty much just in a standard deed situation with a quitclaim deed. Now is there a tax consequence? The answer is no. 

However some states have passed laws for example California has Proposition 13 that says we can't increase the property taxes on your property until it changes hands then we get to increase the property taxes. They did this back in the 70s or whenever because the property values were going up so fast in California and they were increasing the property tax every year and the people were going I can't do this so they said okay time out we will onlychange the property tax when you transfer the property. Well this is a transfer of property. Okay Prop 13 says well it's from you to you the law says it's from you to you so in California for example you simply have to tell the state file a paper with them that says we've just transferred it from me to living revocable trust and then they won't increase the property tax. 

If you're in Florida or Texas you've got to worry about the homestead you should have a paragraph in your trust that talks about the homesteads and you may have to go down and file a paper with the state saying now now, time out this is still my personal residence I get to homestead it even though it's in the name of the living revocable trust. Call up your County Recorder your parish recorder if you're in Texas and they should be able to tell you what the scoop is on that. So those are things you have to worry about. 

You shouldn't have to worry about your insurance it'll still be in your name that's fine it's you it's not like you transferred it to an LLC or something where they get tochange the name of the game you may want to have the insurancecompany recognize  that it's in a trust but that's usually not necessary you shouldn't have to have an increase in the property taxes in fact the law says they can't increase the property tax on me now you may have to notice them like you do in California and I think California is the only one you have to do that with I'm not sure but check so what else do you need to do in orderto transfer real property into your living revocable trust? that's about it it's not hard I would record the deed if the deed ever gets lost then the recording of the deed works I don't even need the deed once it's recorded. So record the deed that's probably a good idea so you don't you don't worry about losing the deed you could keep the deed and not record it and then the family could record it after but you might as well record it, then we know it's there and everything's cool so if you don't record it what do you do with it? Well what are you with it anyway? You put it in your file cabinet or wherever put it in your safe-deposit box I don't care what you do with your deed wherever your deeds are normally kept keep this deed with those deeds. You should be able to transfer your piece of property with really out not much problem as long as it's from you to the living revocable trust use a quitclaim deed make sure the name of the trust is there make sure your name is there exactas it was before if it's you and your wife, husband you got to have the--everybody's gotta sign and of course the deed has it's seven or eight elementsthat you have to follow but we're not going into that right now. So this is shyam talking about how you move a piece of real property into your livingrevocable trust . 

Saturday, 4 July 2020

July 04, 2020

Questions no one know the answer on earth

 Questions no one know the answer:

On a typical day at school, endless hours are spent learningthe answers to questions, but right now, we'll do the opposite. We're going to focus on questionswhere you can't learn the answers because they're unknown. 

I used to puzzle about a lot of thingsas a boy, for example: What would it feel like to be a dog? Do fish feel pain? How about insects? Was the Big Bang just an accident? And is there a God? And if so, how are we so surethat it's a He and not a She? Why do so many innocent peopleand animals suffer terrible things? Is there really a plan for my life? Is the future yet to be written, or is it already writtenand we just can't see it? But then, do I have free will?I mean, who am I anyway? Am I just a biological machine? But then, why am I conscious?What is consciousness? Will robots become conscious one day? I mean, I kind of assumed that some day I would be told the answersto all these questions. Someone must know, right? Guess what? No one knows. Most of those questionspuzzle me more now than ever. But diving into them is exciting because it takes youto the edge of knowledge, and you never know what you'll find there. 

So, two questions that no oneon Earth knows the answer to. (Music) [How many universes are there?] Sometimes when I'm on a long plane flight, I gaze out at all thosemountains and deserts and try to get my headaround how vast our Earth is. And then I rememberthat there's an object we see every day that would literally fitone million Earths inside it: the Sun. It seems impossibly big. But in the great schemeof things, it's a pinprick, one of about 400 billion starsin the Milky Way galaxy, which you can see on a clear night as a pale white miststretched across the sky. And it gets worse. There are maybe 100 billion galaxiesdetectable by our telescopes. So if each star was the sizeof a single grain of sand, just the Milky Way has enough stars to fill a 30-foot by 30-footstretch of beach three feet deep with sand. And the entire Earthdoesn't have enough beaches to represent the starsin the overall universe. Such a beach would continue for literallyhundreds of millions of miles.

 Holy Stephen Hawking,that is a lot of stars. But he and other physicistsnow believe in a reality that is unimaginably bigger still. I mean, first of all,the 100 billion galaxies within range of our telescopes are probably a minusculefraction of the total. Space itself is expandingat an accelerating pace. The vast majority of the galaxies are separating from us so fastthat light from them may never reach us. Still, our physical reality here on Earth is intimately connectedto those distant, invisible galaxies. We can think of themas part of our universe. They make up a single, giant edifice obeying the same physical lawsand all made from the same types of atoms, electrons, protons, quarks, neutrinos,that make up you and me. However, recent theories in physics,including one called string theory, are now telling us there could becountless other universes built on different types of particles, with different properties,obeying different laws. Most of these universescould never support life, and might flash in and outof existence in a nanosecond. But nonetheless, combined,they make up a vast multiverse of possible universesin up to 11 dimensions, featuring wondersbeyond our wildest imagination. The leading version of string theorypredicts a multiverse made up of 10 to the 500 universes. That's a one followed by 500 zeros, a number so vast that if every atom in our observable universehad its own universe, and all of the atomsin all those universes each had their own universe, and you repeated that for two more cycles, you'd still be at a tinyfraction of the total, namely, one trillion trillion trilliontrillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trilliontrillion trillion trillion trillionth. (Laughter) But even that numberis minuscule compared to another number: infinity. Some physicists think the space-timecontinuum is literally infinite and that it contains an infinite numberof so-called pocket universes with varying properties. 

How's your brain doing? Quantum theory adds a whole new wrinkle. I mean, the theory's been proventrue beyond all doubt, but interpreting it is baffling, and some physicists thinkyou can only un-baffle it if you imagine that huge numbersof parallel universes are being spawned every moment, and many of these universes would actuallybe very like the world we're in, would include multiple copies of you. In one such universe,you'd graduate with honors and marry the person of your dreams,and in another, not so much. Well, there are still some scientistswho would say, hogwash. The only meaningful answer to the questionof how many universes there are is one. Only one universe. And a few philosophersand mystics might argue that even our own universe is an illusion. 

So, as you can see, right now there is no agreementon this question, not even close. All we know is the answer is somewherebetween zero and infinity. Well, I guess we know one other thing. This is a pretty cool timeto be studying physics. We just might be undergoingthe biggest paradigm shift in knowledge that humanity has ever seen. (Music) [Why can't we see evidence of alien life?] Somewhere out there in that vast universe there must surely be countlessother planets teeming with life. But why don't we see any evidence of it? Well, this is the famous questionasked by Enrico Fermi in 1950: Where is everybody? Conspiracy theorists claim that UFOsare visiting all the time and the reports are just being covered up, but honestly, they aren't very convincing. But that leaves a real riddle. In the past year,the Kepler space observatory has found hundreds of planetsjust around nearby stars. 

And if you extrapolate that data, it looks like there couldbe half a trillion planets just in our own galaxy. If any one in 10,000 has conditions that might support a form of life, that's still 50 million possiblelife-harboring planets right here in the Milky Way. So here's the riddle: our Earth didn't form until about nine billion yearsafter the Big Bang. Countless other planets in our galaxyshould have formed earlier, and given life a chance to get underway billions, or certainly many millionsof years earlier than happened on Earth. If just a few of themhad spawned intelligent life and started creating technologies, those technologies would havehad millions of years to grow in complexity and power. On Earth, we've seen how dramaticallytechnology can accelerate in just 100 years. In millions of years,an intelligent alien civilization could easily have spread outacross the galaxy, perhaps creating giantenergy-harvesting artifacts or fleets of colonizing spaceships or glorious works of artthat fill the night sky. At the very least, you'd thinkthey'd be revealing their presence, deliberately or otherwise, through electromagnetic signalsof one kind or another. And yet we see no convincingevidence of any of it. Why? Well, there are numerous possible answers,some of them quite dark. Maybe a single,superintelligent civilization has indeed taken over the galaxy and has imposed strict radio silence because it's paranoidof any potential competitors. It's just sitting thereready to obliterate anything that becomes a threat. Or maybe they're not that intelligent, or perhaps the evolutionof an intelligence capable of creatingsophisticated technology is far rarer than we've assumed. After all, it's only happened onceon Earth in four billion years. 

Maybe even that was incredibly lucky. Maybe we are the firstsuch civilization in our galaxy. Or, perhaps civilization carries with itthe seeds of its own destruction through the inability to controlthe technologies it creates. But there are numerousmore hopeful answers. For a start, we're not looking that hard, and we're spendinga pitiful amount of money on it. Only a tiny fractionof the stars in our galaxy have really been looked at closelyfor signs of interesting signals. And perhaps we're not lookingthe right way. Maybe as civilizations develop, they quickly discovercommunication technologies far more sophisticated and usefulthan electromagnetic waves. Maybe all the action takes placeinside the mysterious recently discovered dark matter, or dark energy, that appear to accountfor most of the universe's mass. Or, maybe we're lookingat the wrong scale.

 Perhaps intelligentcivilizations come to realize that life is ultimatelyjust complex patterns of information interacting with each otherin a beautiful way, and that that can happen moreefficiently at a small scale. So, just as on Earth,clunky stereo systems have shrunk to beautiful, tiny iPods,maybe intelligent life itself, in order to reduce its footprinton the environment, has turned itself microscopic. So the Solar Systemmight be teeming with aliens, and we're just not noticing them. Maybe the very ideas in our headsare a form of alien life. Well, okay, that's a crazy thought. The aliens made me say it. But it is cool that ideas do seemto have a life all of their own and that they outlive their creators. Maybe biological lifeis just a passing phase. 

Well, within the next 15 years, we could start seeingreal spectroscopic information from promising nearby planets that will reveal justhow life-friendly they might be. And meanwhile, SETI, the Searchfor Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is now releasing its data to the public so that millions of citizen scientists,maybe including you, can bring the power of the crowdto join the search. And here on Earth, amazing experiments are being done to tryto create life from scratch, life that might be very differentfrom the DNA forms we know. All of this will help us understandwhether the universe is teeming with life or whether, indeed, it's just us. Either answer, in its own way, is awe-inspiring, because even if we are alone, the fact that we think and dreamand ask these questions might yet turn out to be one of the most important factsabout the universe. And I have one more pieceof good news for you. The quest for knowledgeand understanding never gets dull. It doesn't. It's actually the opposite. The more you know,the more amazing the world seems. And it's the crazy possibilities,the unanswered questions, that pull us forward. So stay curious. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

July 01, 2020

India rejected 5G tender of china on 1 july 2020

India rejected 5G tender of China 2020

NEW DELHI: In what appears to be a case of retaliation against PLA's attack on the military , the department of telecommunications (DoT) has decided to convey to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) that no Chinese equipment should be used by the state-run company, which is expanding into the 4G business as part of its rehabilitation plan.

The public sector company is being asked to transform its tender immediately, sources told TOI. In addition, the govt is looking to impress upon private sector mobile operators to increasingly reduce their dependence on Chinese equipment.

Political and business circles saw the dual moves as a precursor to keeping Chinese vendors -- led by Huawei -- out of the 5G equipment business within the country, where bids have currently been postponed.
While official sources refused to verify whether the retaliation within the economic sphere could be further escalated, they said that the attack on the Indian Army in Ladakh is sure to strengthen the misgivings within the government about letting the Chinese companies in strategic sectors due to fears that PLA features a decisive stake in a number of these companies.

Concerns over BSNL’s Rs 9,000-crore 4G tender had been raised a couple of months ago with the department for promotion of industry and internal trade asking the public sector player to transform the terms because it was seen to be favouring foreign players and violating the domestic procurement norms. The DoT has now added a China-specific dimension to the difficulty .
The review of the telecommunication system vendors comes along side checks on investments with the govt banning all foreign direct investments from China via the automated route, a choice that was triggered by sensitivities around security.
Last year, the National Security Council Secretariat had initiated a discussion around restricting access to companies and contractors from certain countries in strategic sectors and in certain parts of the country. The proposal was on the backburner for a couple of months but could also be revived given the recent tensions.

How to fill a money order?

How to fill A money order? 1. Fill in the recipient’s name : Write the name of the person or business which will receive the cash order on t...